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Are you in need of a detox?

el autor Articulo en el series sobre plantillas, los problemas de los pies y la salud del cuerpo en general, redactado por Larry Reborn de Pies y Bienestar para ampliar la importancia para el salud en ver y a cuidar el organismo entero y la situación personal. Los pies tienen un papel integrar del salud corporal y por el bien estar es necesario saber como funciónan y como se relación al resto del cuerpo. Prevención siempre es la mejor cura.

Are you in need of a detox?

  • That question is not as strange as it sounds.
  • Asking a person that question is almost like an accusation of being a drug addict. Addicts who want to stop abusing have to go through a DETOX, which involves stopping abruptly Cold Turkey style, or gradually getting off of the toxic stuff. No, I am not referring to that.

  • We are all exposed to toxins throughout life.
  • The effect of accumulated toxins are most noticable as we grow older. What we don´t realize is that the toxins have a lot do do with the aging process and that it is possible to impede that process. Exposure to toxicity in humans or animals can be Acute with harmful effects through a single or short-term exposure. It can be Subchronic and cause effects for more than one year but less than a lifetime or it can be Chronic toxicity that causes harmful effects over an extended period, usually upon repeated or continuous exposure, sometimes lasting for the entire life of the exposed organism.

  • We are not referring only to drugs such as Cannabis, Alcohol or Cocaine.
  • Throughout life we are exposed to other toxic substances. We eat, breath and produce toxins that can be extremely harmful to our bodies. The World Health Organization (WHO) is well aware of the increasing risk of food related illnesses, but so far only around 800 Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC) have been isolated among many many thousands of new chemicals that we are exposed to. So we breath toxins from car exhausts, we eat toxins from preservatives, pesticides and food colouring. We drink tap water contaning chlorine which lower sperm count and which contains led and hampers the reproductive capacity in women. We eat genetically modified food that disturb our intenstines etc. Through shampoos and make up women are exposed daily to 160-180 different chemicals. Men are exposed to around 80 chemicals that way. Accumulating toxins troughout life we grow older and fatter, faster, and need medicin for life, that contain more toxins. YES, most of us need a DETOX now and then.

  • What type of detox is needed?
  • We need to rinse our kidneys buy drinking a sufficient amount of water. We need to cleanse our fatty livers andget rid of the stones in our gall bladders. We need to burn off the belly fat where the body stores toxins it can’t handle and we need to become more alcaline and lower the amount of Candida yeast fungus in our intestines which is slowly killing us and preparing the foundation for cancer.

  • How to detox then?
  • Start drinking the number of glasses of water which you calculate from your body weight divided by 7. Properly filtered drinking water without chlorine or heavy metals, (Obs: not Osmosis filtered water). Eat more salads and vegetables and drink vegetable smoothies that make your body more alcaline. Do the Dr Hulda Clark liver cleansing and take hot baths each week with 2 kilos of fine sea salt in it. Lover or eliminate your sugar consumption. Sugar is the most common addiction of all addictions.

    These are some general tips that help a lot. Do you want to know more about what you specifically need to do then call Tel/WhatsApp/SMS:722 188 811 or come and see us at Pies y Bienestar on Calle Pintada 73 in Nerja for a free 1 hour analysis.

    Prevention is always the best cure.

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