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Living the stress route

el autor Articulo en el series sobre plantillas, los problemas de los pies y la salud del cuerpo en general, redactado por Larry Reborn de Pies y Bienestar para ampliar la importancia para el salud en ver y a cuidar el organismo entero y la situación personal. Los pies tienen un papel integrar del salud corporal y por el bien estar es necesario saber como funciónan y como se relación al resto del cuerpo. Prevención siempre es la mejor cura.

Living the stress route

At least 50% of people in the west are affected by destructive stress phenomena. Stress is a major contributor to illnesses, everyday lack of contentment, depressions and broken relationships.

  • An old definition of stress is an intense effort or exertion.
  • In order to determine the quality of a product a stress test can be performed. That means applying a gradually increasing force to a product to see at what point it breaks. Thus it is determined how much pressure something can tolerate. We often do the same to ourselves and to our bodies. As long as we are coping fine with life, work and relations, we are in good shape. Stress is no problem because we know and feel that we can handle it. We are in control and the stress of acheiving things at a fast pace works as a stimulant. At it’s extreme we turn into adrenalin junkies or workaholics.

  • The interesting point is when it turns into a feeling of being stressed.
  • This is when there are too many things we want to do or know we should have done and failed to do. In any such fight or flight situation the stress hormones like adrenalin increase to a maximum in order for us to be ready to handle whatever is needed. Fine, but when we entangle ourselves to the point that the adrenals are in full production of stress hormones throughout the day it becomes dangerous.

  • We need to handle that situation or things will start to break.
  • With less and less margin for the digestive apparatus, our kidneys, liver, pancreas and other organs to do their jobs, they start giving up. As if that is not enough there is a strong mental component. We start blaming ourselveves for not being good enough at work, at home, and in life in general. We put up a mask that everything is alright while inside we get torn apart. Doubting ourself we go into anxieties and difficulty in deciding things. We start ruminating about the past and brood over things that haven’t even happened yet. To get back in control we demand that every detail is perfect. Easily irritated and incapable of receiving criticism we complain about almost everything. There is simply not enough time to do all we need so we have to postpone things. This stress route is fatal and in many case leads to severe depression and destroyed lives.

  • Reorganize while there is still time.
  • Work on your goals, not on 50 different goals. Do what you are doing when you are doing it. Stress problems are individual and have corporal and mental symptoms. Talking to someone who is not in the middle of it all helps in defining, managing and turning stress anxiety and depresion around.

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    Prevention is always the best cure.

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