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Hormone Heaven Hormone Hell

el autor Articulo en el series sobre plantillas, los problemas de los pies y la salud del cuerpo en general, redactado por Larry Reborn de Pies y Bienestar para ampliar la importancia para el salud en ver y a cuidar el organismo entero y la situación personal. Los pies tienen un papel integrar del salud corporal y por el bien estar es necesario saber como funciónan y como se relación al resto del cuerpo. Prevención siempre es la mejor cura.

Hormone Heaven - Hormone Hell

In a well maintained factory, everything works perfectly. Raw material and energy flows smoothly in pipes and cables at exact times and in proper quantity. When not well kept things can go very awry, or break down completely. A human body works in a similar way. We give it nutrients and signals are sent throughout the system in order to maintain the body healthy. Hormones flow in our blood stream as a reaction to internal and external circumstances. It is extremely important that the hormones are produced and distributed in correct quantity and at the time when they are needed. They are regulators demanding responses to bodily needs, and are vital in keeping us alive and happy.

  • Unfortunately, just like in a factory, things can go wrong.
  • We feed the body with things it cannot use. Sometimes things which are outright poisonous and the production of hormones start to fail. The regulatory systems break down and hormones are over produced, under produced, not produced at all, or a replaced by incorrect hormonal responses. Let’s say that you are in a situation where you are extremely angry with your husband or wife. It does not handle anything if you respond by kicking the cat. That this would be an incorrect response is easy to see. It is harder to understand that many undesired bodily conditions are the result of such incorrect responses. When we grow fat, it is easy to explain away the fact with “I eat too much”. People who say that usually stay fat or grow even fatter. Being fat has a lot to do with hormones.

  • We allow too much stress to enter our lives.
  • To prepare for fight or flight, the hormone Cortisol is produced in the adrenals. The digestive system shuts down in part. Food we eat ends up getting converted to belly fat or is not used, which results in stomach problems and frequent food cravings. As always, things happen for a reason. A person who drinks too much or who smokes, will have health problems. How about an adult who drinks cows milk, or who eats too much bread? It is very hard for the body to digest Casein, the main protein of milk. It acts as a glue and disturbs the intestines, increasing the risk for the leaky gut syndrome. Gluten, the protein of bread can act in the same way.

  • Food which we do not utilize is converted into fat.
  • When that happens almost anything, bacteria, viruses, food rests, can enter the blood stream causing havoc to hormone production. Our bodies “eat” 24 hours a day and, when we are not eating, the liver provides the energy from reserves. Blood sugar levels thus can increase even when we are not physically eating. Insulin production increases and that which we do not utilize is converted into fat.

    The first thing we suffer from is ignorance and as we become less ignorant we risk suffering from knowing too much.

  • It is impossible to be fat without over production of insulin.
  • When the energy comes from the intestine by eating, another hormone Amylin, is produced to limit the reserve energy from the liver. While we are under stress however the Insulin/Amylin balance goes wrong and blood sugar levels may increase abnormally. Fat production and the risk of acquiring Diabetes or cardiovascular deceases increase. It is impossible to be fat without over production of insulin. To complicate things further the hormonal system needs a good electrolytic balance in order to work. Sufficient minerals and vitamins are essential in this. So where does this take us? We need to be conscious about what we eat and notice the effect it has. Your body may not be perfect but it is the only one you have for the moment so provide for a good hormonal balance to help you take good care of it.

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    Prevention is always the best cure.

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