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el autor Articulo en el series sobre plantillas, los problemas de los pies y la salud del cuerpo en general, redactado por Larry Reborn de Pies y Bienestar para ampliar la importancia para el salud en ver y a cuidar el organismo entero y la situación personal. Los pies tienen un papel integrar del salud corporal y por el bien estar es necesario saber como funciónan y como se relación al resto del cuerpo. Prevención siempre es la mejor cura.

Are you getting more healthy day by day, or the reverse?

It is a general belief that we inevitably accumulate illnesses and malfunctions of the body as we grow older. Older people sometimes explain away their physical condition by saying “I´m too old to be healthy”. Is that really a true statement? If we modify that statement in a negative medical way it could read, “which illnesses have you contracted so far and which are in the works for tomorrow”? Researchers into early human life on earth tells us that we started off as hunters/gatherers. “Gatherer” is a nice word for saying that we would scavenge around and eat anything we could get our hands on. Today, many thousands of years later it seems that we are once again evolving to be gatherers. Powerty prevents a lot of people from eating healthy. Almost all food, even ecologically grown, is affected by pesticides and increasing environmental problems but the majority of people cannot afford to eat ecological. In extreme powerty people line up around the garbage bins outside supermarkets in order to gather anything that smells edible.

  • Our bodies have to sort the garbage.
  • Terrible as that is, our bodies are in reality doing the same garbage sorting. We smell our food and eat, whether it´s artificially flavoured, toxic, or not. The intestine have to do the job of sorting out nutrients from the garbage, an increasingly difficult job. The food industry tries hard to manufacture as much as possible at as low cost as possible and add whatever tastes are needed in order for us to buy and eat more. A favourite incredient in this is sugar, using the simple formula, more sugar - more sales. Another trick is to process food so that it last forever without going bad. Fresh food gets bad. Fresh milk becomes sour after a while. Processed milk rots. Fresh bread gets hard and inedible, processed bread stays the same for months.

  • The intestines have to work hard.
  • In a healthy condition, and with healthy food, the intestine takes out the nutrients from the food and makes our body survive. It gets rid of that which the body can´t use, making it harmlessly soft in the large intestine by adding water. But what if the food doesn´t contain what we need? What happens when we ingest contaminated, genetically modified, chemically fortified and artificially flavoured garbage? The intestine will still use whatever it can and that which it needs and can´t find, it will take from muscles and bone, storing a large portion of the rest as abdominal fat, while contracting illnesses.

  • We get older and sicker depending on what we eat.
  • We get older, and sicker, every day, depending on what we eat, and we should not ignore it. One day I offered my dog meatballs prefabricated by a well known German factory, and packaged in plastic. The dog refused to eat them. We utilize dogs to trace dynamite, drugs and diabetes. Should we now use them to tell us what we can eat or not? The statistics of longevity in the western world has recently been updated. Life expectancy has increased 5 years but we get much sicker, quicker. We have a major problem with greed in global industries, like the food industry and the farmaceutical industry. There is no way we can change that over night, or ever. The best thing we can do about the situation is to be knowledgeable and demand healthy products and medicine that actually cures instead of maintaining and worsening illnesses.

    If you would like to know what you can do to improve your health, come and see us at Pies & Bienestar, Calle Pintada 73 in Nerja, or call 722 188 811 to book a free metabolic analysis.

    Prevention is always the best cure.

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