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el autor Articulo en el series sobre plantillas, los problemas de los pies y la salud del cuerpo en general, redactado por Larry Reborn de Pies y Bienestar para ampliar la importancia para el salud en ver y a cuidar el organismo entero y la situación personal. Los pies tienen un papel integrar del salud corporal y por el bien estar es necesario saber como funciónan y como se relación al resto del cuerpo. Prevención siempre es la mejor cura.

Quality of life or be stuck on the treadmill?

Quality is a word which includes durability, enjoyment and satisfaction. Most of us work an entire life in order to get sufficient money to be able to buy what we need even if there is no guarantee that this will increase our quality of life.

  • Talking about happiness.
  • When we talk about happiness we talk about inner feelings, about bodily sensations as if those two things mean the same. If we ananlyse it, we recognize that we can feel happy wether the body is in shape or not. Just as with the money, having a body in shape goes a long way towards happiness and qualify of life. What do we need a body for? Is the most important function to use it to feel extreme sensations? Is it to stuff it full with food, no matter how delicious, thereby slowly killing it while enjoying some culinary moments.

  • Life has everything to do with communication.
  • In reality life itself, and having a body, has everything to do with communication. I think we can agree upon that it is difficult to communicate without a body. We have the most advanced communication gadgets smartphones, tablets and cameras. We can communicate across the world in seconds but the message quality is sometimes pathetically poor. A selfie in front of a famous monument. Some friends smiling even if they feel miserable. Rapid phonecalls to say that you will be late or to reveal the latest gossip. Does improved communication improve quality of life? What would happen if we care more about each other than our appearance on a selfie?

  • Quality is a rare commodity.
  • Quality is mathematically calculated how long a product should last before it must break. Cars, refrigerators, TV sets, shoes etc. The market must survive and that means that things must break to accomplish resale to the same customers. In the meantime we are on the treadmill destroying our bodies day by day in order to one day have a good life as happy pensioners. Glum outline don’t you think? We even accept that the quality of health care is lousy, intending to fix everything with pills, to make the farmaceutical industry rich, and we increase the need for those pills by eating unhealthy food from the food industry. Who’s to blame? We are. There are very few attempts to sell stuff that we refuse to buy.

  • Don’t accept being on a death wish. Add more quality to your life.

  • If you are going to stress around for years, at least know:

  • 1. Who you are;
  • 2. what it is you are doing;
  • 3. who you are doing it for, and;
  • 5. the result which you expect.

  • One of the most important ingredients of health is having a goal in life. If you don’t know what it is, at least take care of your body until you know. Start communicating more. You are welcome to communicate with us at Pies y Bienestar, Nerja, Spain, tel. 722 188 811. Our goal is to help people get on the right track to increase Quality of Life.

    Prevention is always the best cure.

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