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right and wrong solution

el autor An article in a series about insoles, feet problems and bodily health in general written by Larry Reborn Forsgren at Pies y Bienestar, (Feet and Wellbeing), to amplify how important it is for our health, to look at and take care of the entire organism and the personal situation as a whole. Our feet play an important role in what concerns our health and our wellbeing and it is necessary to know the relationship with the rest of the body. Prevention is the best cure.

The Final Solution

During the inhabitation of this planet we have been looking for "The Final Solution" to problems. For potentates, the objective is solutions that will resolve it all. That leads to wrong solutions to incorrect problems.

  • History and our society is studded with false solutions

  • Hitler designed a final solution to his Jewish problem, Franco, was prepared to kill off half of the Spanish population to handle the opposition. Assad, in Syria, (who is a medical doctor), operates in the same way. Trumps solution is to build a wall to Mexico. Apparently the medical industry is waiting for a pill that handles everything from migraine to ingrown toenails.

  • Real solutions do not have to be complicated

  • Good solutions are often too obvious to be recognised. If people in your environment are giving you a hard time? Cut them off. Why suffer from people that do not contribute to well being? To want to be right is a human trait. It makes us mentally alter realities to a point that suits us. That means that we lie more to ourselves than to anyone else, and we repeat the lies until we believe them.

    If you are working hard to resolve something and it doesn’t resolve, chances are high that you are tryiing to handle the wrong problem.

  • It is difficult to handle something if its cause is unknown

  • A lady, inflated round the waste as a balloon, claimed that she was doing great on a diet that had made her loose three kilos in three years. It may be difficult to see where the actual problem is. We get caught up in Ego/Prestige games to the detriment of everybody. Problems have contributing factors of varying importance.

  • If you know what you want, find out what the opposition wants

  • To understand the whole it is necessary to understand the parts. While objectively examining the parts of any situation it becomes clearer what has to be done. The solution to any problem is not findingthe right scapegoat, symptom or explanation. It is finding the minimal thing or real cause which improves the situation. Strangely enough this works well for love, work, health and almost anything else.

    Something can always be done, and to do the right "something" it is important to know causes and be sure to handle the correct problem.

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    (Larry Reborn, is a specialist in Biodynamic Medicine at Pies y Bienestar, Calle Pinta da 73, Nerja, Spain.)

    Prevention is always the best cure.

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