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el autor An article in a series about insoles, feet problems and bodily health in general written by Larry Reborn Forsgren at Pies y Bienestar, (Feet and Wellbeing), to amplify how important it is for our health, to look at and take care of the entire organism and the personal situation as a whole. Our feet play an important role in what concerns our health and our wellbeing and it is necessary to know the relationship with the rest of the body. Prevention is the best cure.

Finding the Real Why

Behind every situation, there is always a Why, a cause or reason why the situation occurs. When something happens it is natural to ask oneself why, especially in the face of a detrimental situation. Sometimes we laugh it away that it coincides with Murphy’s law that “if something can possibly go wrong, it will, and at the worst possible moment”. Our instinct to maintain control and to survive makes us look for a reason behind every occurrence. “What happened?”. “Why did it happen to me?” Why is it that we cannot expect public health to cure our illnesses? Doctors do not have enough time to dedicate to every patient. Why? There is not enough money? Not enough doctors? What is wrong with our schools? What is wrong with society in general? Illnesses such as obesity, Coronary problems, Alzheimer's disease, Diabetes etc are increasing. Child obesity is increasing. Depression recently has become the primary cause of absence from work. There are a lot of situations where we ask us why, without finding any real reasons or we find causes which do not really help us.

  • We become experts in finding explanations

  • In reality, we become experts in finding Why’s that are not real, Why’s which are more or less intelligent opinions about the factors involved with the problems. It becomes obvious that there are several classes of Why’s, reasons behind something which is non optimum. The most common Why we have is the excuse or an explanation of the situation. Finding that type of Why which is nothing more than an excuse becomes such a routine action that it can be considered a Real Why behind the increasing ignorance with which we are surrounded. To understand how that works it is necessary to understand what a Real Why is.

  • A Real Why is a factor behind any type of situation that will open a door to handle the situation with a minimum of effort

  • The amount of effort needed indicate false Whys.

  • Knowing this we can see that operating on causes that require a lot of effort are false Whys. Characteristic of false Why’s is that they consume a lot of resources, and don’t handle the situation. Look at these examples: The USA has a problem with some Muslims. Solution: Prevent everybody that looks like an Arab to enter the country. Problem: People are obese. Solution. Bypass their normal stomach flow so that the food reaches the body in less quantity. Problem: The body needs high blood pressure for some reason. Solution: Lower the blood pressure with chemical manipulation so that the person loses energy but has normal blood pressure. Problem: A person is losing memory or has an auto-immune illness. Solution: Label the illness so that we know the symptoms and give medicines although there is no real cure. We do this all day long in our own life. “I am tired”. Oh, that is just Spring Fatigue Syndrome. “I am a bit fat”, I know but I have the same body as my mother, it’s genetic. It goes like this that when we don’t find or have a Real Why, we invent a plausible explanation that permits us to continue our lives without doing anything to handle our problems. So you have a problem with your husband or wife. Are you talking about it to handle it? No, I know how he/she is and there is no use. I am really too old to do anything, or I am too young to preoccupy me with my own health. I’ll do it later when it has become a real problem.

  • Lots of pills and little cure

  • Have you noticed that our current medicine is total diagnostics and very little cure? Giving Statins for high cholesterol is not even operating on a false Why, it is a false Why for an incorrect situation. That is about as bad as it can get. If you know something about a problem then you can find a good or incorrect reason and attempt to handle that, but when you, as in the case with the cholesterol drug doesn’t even know the problem?

  • We cannot permit that everything in the health area is converted into business

  • The pills for the new illnesses are so expensive that we have to wait until their patents run out and then we can feed ourselves with their generic variants. Why? If they weren’t even effective in their expensive variant. The investigatory lifespan of almost any medicine is about five years. Is it safe after that time period to take the medicine for life?

  • Covering up symptoms is a bad idea

  • We don’t need pills to cover up symptoms. We need to investigate and find the Real Why behind any bad condition whether it is in our bodies or in our society. That will be Why’s that help us improve with a minimum of effort as it handles real causes.

    Something can always be done, and to do the right "something" it is important to know causes and be sure to handle the correct problem.

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    (Larry Reborn, is a specialist in Biodynamic Medicine at Pies y Bienestar, Calle Pinta da 73, Nerja, Spain.)

    Prevention is always the best cure.

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